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EVE is a revolutionary computer software program designed to perform all functions required to run a busy dive store with minimum effort in today’s competitive market.  EVE allows you to maximize profit and save valuable time by providing a customer relationship and marketing tool integrated with a powerful point of sale and inventory management system.  And it doesn't stop there!  EVE will also run your training, rentals and servicing departments and organize your charters, trips and employee tasks.

Once the records are in place, EVE can start her magic.  Powerful search wizards allow you to easily target precise groups of customers with stunning, personalized emails specifically directed at their needs.  Inbuilt reports let you analyze your business operations so you can immediately see strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to build on your strengths and preventing minor issues from becomes big problems.  This program really does bring profit to your fingertips.  Integrated Scuba Systems (ISSYS) designed this program specifically for the diving industry to fulfil all their operational requirements.

The information stored in the comprehensive EVE database can be exported to other programs including QuickBooks and Microsoft applications. 

EVE is modular – you can choose to display and use modules that are relevant to your business – making staff training easy.

Click on these links to learn about some of the most important benefits of using EVE:

Sales, Customers, Purchase Orders, Courses, Trips/Charters, Rentals, Services, Calendar, Room Bookings

Try EVE risk free for 3 months with a full money-back guarantee.  If you want to continue usage after that time, simply contact us for a Renewal Code - no software changes are required.  Just type the number into EVE, and you're up-and-running.


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